The Home Ownership Program is currently closed.

Check back soon for the re-opening date.  



  • Live in substandard housing & have a need for shelter.
  • Have fair or acceptable credit (No unpaid collections or judgments)
  • Bankruptcy must be discharged for 1 year
  • Have the ability to pay a monthly mortgage & have steady income for 1 year.
  • Be a 1st-time home buyer or non-homeowner for 3 or more years.
  • Live or work in Rutherford County for at least 6 months.
  • Be unable to qualify for a conventional loan due to income level.
  • Show willingness to partner with Habitat.
  • Be able to pay a $1500.00 down payment.
  • Be willing to perform 300-400 hours of “sweat equity" by helping to build Habitat homes, including your own.
  • Complete a mandatory 30-Week Home Buyer Education Class.
  • Maintain and/or decrease “debt to income” ratio while in the Habitat program.
  • Meet the 2015 Income guidelines                                                                                          2015 Guidelines                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Unfortunately, the Home Ownership Program is not emergency housing. It can take anywhere from 9-18 months to complete the program to purchase and move into your new home.


 Phase 1 - Apply

  • Meet the Requirements
  • Return Application
  • Credit Review

 Phase 2 - Documentation 

  • Submit Requested Documentation

Phase 3 - Verification 

  • Employment & Rental Verification
  • Sex Offender & Criminal Verification
  • Home Visit (if selected)
  • Family Selection Review
  • Board of Directors Review

Phase 4 - New Partner Family

  • Orientation
  • Work Sweat Equity
  • Home Buyer Education & Budget Class
  • Start Down Payments

Phase 5 - Home Selection

  • Lot Selection
  • Bio
  • House Plan Selection
  • Home Selections
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Begin Build Date

Phase 6 - H.O.M.E  Purchase

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Home Dedication
  • Pre-Close
  • Closing Purchase
  • Move In!

Home Buyer Education 

Partner Families are required to complete 30 weeks of Home Buyer Education - great information and resources to prepare them to buy their homes, improve their credit, make good consumer choices and keep up with home maintenance. This program is also FREE to the general public! The Home Buyer Education Class is held every Monday, 6:00-7:00 pm at the Habitat office beginning April 6, 2015.  

If you have questions about the Home Ownership Program, please contact the Family Services Coordinator, Angie Ezell.  

Our next Habitat Build - scheduled for February 2015!
Madison-Justin Justin Jordan with daughter Madison
More about Justin... This build kicks off the 2015 Building Rutherford 2 campaign to build 16 new Habitat houses in 2015-16 in Rutherford county!

Current Home Builds!!

Nissan4-ext6 The 2014 Nissan Build is under way and will be finished soon! Thank you to all the Nissan volunteers as well as others including Yates Services, Johnson Controls and MacLellan Integrated Services.
Glantz-dedication House #123 is complete Congratulations to the Glantz Family!     Samia-dedication

The 2014 House of Faith Build is complete.

Congratulations to the Mosley Family!


We replace these eye sores...

House2 House1

...with beautiful Habitat Homes

Frances House  KuSay House
Joanne House

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